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Earn with your Embroidery skills

Are you passionate about embroidery and love to spend hours working with thread, fabric and embroidery machine? If your answer is yes, and your house is neatly adorned with beautiful embroidered items that are your creation, it’s time to get your skills recognized in the outside world.

After making all the family members happy with embroidered clothes, step out into the neighborhood and showcase your talent. Off course, there are people who hate to charge for their creation. Their contentment lies in the creation itself and remarks of appreciation enough for them.

But, think again. It won’t be bad if your talent brings you some financial gain. Many people have understood the benefit of getting compensated for the materials, effort and time that they invest and have started their own venture. Indeed it’s a challenge but if you are disciplined and work hard in providing the right product and services, you are game for it!

Make it a Deal

Are you still wondering about how to go about? These simple guidelines will help you to determine how to use your embroidery skills and set up a venture:

• Know your charges: Decide your price tag after considering everything that goes into the making the item: material, time and your own effort. This is simply to say that a product that consumes 8 hours cannot be priced at 8 dollars; you are definitely not working for 1 dollar per hour. Again if the article is hand embroidered, it involves more of your effort than a machine embroidered article and hence should be priced high. In that case, you need to convince the customer regarding the superiority of handmade stuff.

• Go for the Internet: Make good use of online sites to offer your products and services and also be a part of auctions for embroidered items. Enable your customers to track you for repeat orders.

• Promote online: Set up a website highlighting embroidery samples, customer appreciation, point of sale and other features unique to your embroidery work.

• Utilize word of mouth: Build new clientele through your peer network. In other words, let your fame spread through the people who know you the best. Remember, nothing can surpass constructive word of mouth in reaching out to new clients.

• Some more advertising: You can display fliers in public places like malls, colleges, libraries, craft stores where you can find potential customers to increase your business. Moreover, visit places which are related to your embroidery venture, get in touch with relevant people and get introduced to potential clients.

• It’s Showtime: Try to be more visible at craft shows. Carry your signature items, business cards and pamphlets.

Manage your money

A good way to increase your bottom line is to cut down on the amount you spend on your supplies. Calculate the cost of your supplies, including transportation costs and do some research on where you can procure cheaper materials.

Don’t forget to track your expenses and income. In that way you can keep a definite track of your profits.

So, go ahead! Showcase you talent, get appreciated and also get some financial gain.

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