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Embroidery At Home – Towels and Blankets

Towels and blankets of various materials, designs, and types can be embroidered at home. Advent of the computer embroidery machines has made the task of embroidery at home more easy and convenient. Embroidery at home enables one to choose from among a multitude of designs for various age groups. From infants to elderly people, embroidered towels and blankets can be customized to suit the user’s tastes and needs.

Embroidered towels and blankets can also be given as gifts to relatives and friends. Properly selected and designed, they will make excellent corporate gifts for any occasion. Needle, beads, sewing ring, and thread are the materials required to do manual embroidery on any cloth fabric. It is the workmanship and patience of the person doing the work that will decide the final outcome in addition to the color and design of the embroidery.

Traditional hand embroidery exudes elegance and class. It can be done on towels, blankets, table cloths, wallets, and fancy handbags. Home embroidery has been in vogue as a craft since ancient times. It has evolved over time and incorporated all the contemporary designs. Electronic and computerized machines speed up embroidery work. Baby towels can also be customized.

Towels are of various types – hand towel, body towel, beach towel, and golf towel. Monogrammed towels are towels with the initials of your name on the golf towel. These towels will earn you the attention and respect of people around you. If these monogrammed towels are gifted to your friends and colleagues, they will be thrilled no end. It will show the time and effort that you would have spent to ensure that they look and feel special and unique.

Specially embroidered towels are also available for use in the spa. People with creativity and embroidery skills can leverage the power of the internet to market their items. Many home embroidery businesses export their items to other states and countries. The demand for the embroidery items has been gradually increasing in the last two decades.

Blankets can be used for various purposes by young and old alike. Blankets can be personalized by embroidery at home to suit the individual’s tastes and needs. Fleece blankets can be customized and offered as gifts to friends and family. Embroidery on blankets can be done at home and presented to friends and/or colleagues as keepsake. Images of self, fruits, animals, alphabets, and other designs can be embroidered on the blankets. Corporates can get their logo embroidered on the blanket and gift it to important clients on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Embroidered blankets can be offered to babies on their birthdays.

Embroidery is a specialized art that needs skill, patience, and creativity. It is a very good prospect for home business as it can be started with little investment. Specializing in one particular item like towels or blankets will enable you to establish yourself faster in the huge market.

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