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Dressmaker’s Carbon Paper for Embroidery Designs

Two of the most popular techniques for embroidery designs creation are tracing and dressmaker’s carbon paper use. Knowing the reasons for popularity of the second technique would make interesting reading.

Dressmakers use carbon papers for various design creations and they are more commonly used for creating embroidery designs. However, before you resort to this technique you must ensure that you have the carbon paper of the right color and you have your designs ready in place. It may be some purchased designs or free embroidery designs but in any case keeping them ready before starting to use the carbon paper will be necessary for the designer. Apart from these two you will also require fabric, pencil or some ball point pen, pins and masking tapes among others.

How it Works
Usually dressmaker’s carbon paper works in the same way as it works in case of old fashioned sorts with stationeries. However it works best with the heavier papers that will not tear out with the ball pen or the sharp pencil. It will also not easily tear when pinned to put it in place. Basically the working pattern is reproducing a colored replica of the design that has been obtained either as a free embroidery design or paid one.

Advantage of Dressmaker’s Carbon
Dressmaker’s carbon paper has one pronounced advantage over tracing or other techniques used for the purpose. Tracing can be conducted with light colored fabrics only but there is no such constraint for the dressmaker’s carbon. Any embroidery design can be created with these carbon papers irrespective of the type of fabric used and the fabric colors. Just place the design on top and draw round the design using some sharp pencil or ball point pen.

Precautionary Measures
You have to take some precautionary measures while creating embroidery designs using the dressmaker’s carbon papers. One of the things that you must take care of is that you will make sure that neither the design nor the fabric shifts during the process of reproducing the design on the fabric. Or else the design may go hay ware and will damage the entire design. Use of masking tapes could be one of the solutions. At the same time you must not rub on the paper at the time of drawing the design as there could be smudges on the fabric that will give a bad feature to the design and the fabric as well.

Other Ways of Embroidery Designs
There are various other ways and techniques that are used for embroidery techniques and designs. Such methods are pouncing and pruning, tracing, and many such others. But each of the techniques works differently and is suitable for only one type of fabrics or locations and may not be suitable in all cases.

That is exactly where the dressmaker’s carbon paper use scores over all other techniques of creating exotic embroidery works that can attract all viewers. The reason is that it is the most convenient way of transferring the images to be embroidered conveniently on the fabric.

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